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Vanguard Full Movie Info

Vanguard (2020) English Full Movie is New Comedy with Action Chinese Upcoming  Movie, Vanguard Movies Directed By Stanley Tong and Produced by Stanley Tong, Starring as Jackie Chan, Ai Lun, Yang Yang, Miya Muqi, and others, Vanguard Full Movie  Released in China on September 30, 2020, & Rereleased on USA Date on November 20, 2020, in the United States in North America

Vanguard (2020) Full Movie

Vanguard (2020) English Full Movie Info
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Vanguard Full Movie Info

Movie Vanguard
Genre Comedy, Action, Drama, Crime
Directed By Stanley Tong
Produced By Stanley Tong
Staring Jackie Chan, Ai Lun, Yang Yang, Miya Muqi, Zhu Zhengting, Fady Zaky, Xu Ruo Han, and others
Music by Nathan Wang
Written By Qui Nguyen, Adele Lim
Edited By Chi Wai Yau
Screenplay By Stanley Tong
Cinematography By Lee Chi-Wah
Released Date November  20 - 2020 (North America)
Country China
Language English, Mandarin, Chinese
Production Companies China Film (Shanghai) International Media Co., Ltd.& others
Budget Updated Soon
Distributed by GSC Movies (China) & Gravitas Ventures (North America)
Running Time     1 Hour 48 Minutes
Online Streaming Updated Soon

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Vanguard Full Movie Review

(Reviews from Audience)

The editing is simply the WORST. They must've outsourced it to a student or somebody's toddler made it. Haven't seen this many fade-to-blacks anywhere. There is no excuse unless they edited in a single day. Editing is so bad that the full movie doesn't even desire a movie. It's more of a group of various scenes that were lazily stitched together. 

Undecided if the script was this bad or the editor is accountable, but it often looks like a video game, in one scene they finish planting a mine in the death of night, and it fades to black, just a second later a brand-new scene appears when it's morning and a brisk music pumping. 

Like in those open-world games where you come to the situation at the incorrect time that world shifts to whatever proper time it's to be then the cut scene begins. Pain to observe.

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